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Medical career coaching for HIGH-PERFORMING physicians

Reimagine your medical career. Reignite your passion for medicine.

Balance your life and revive joy in your medical career with physician career coaching.

Discover your true priorities and align your actions to your goals

Discover your untapped clinical leadership potential

Gain insights from an experienced fellow physician

Portrait of Christine E Lee in a pink outfit
Christine E Lee Portrait in a Pink Outfit

Preventing physician burnout starts with introspection

There is little time for reflection in the relentless grind of medical school, residency, and a medical career.

It is easy to sideline an honest career evaluation with so few spare moments in your day.

I am Christine E Lee MD, CPE, PCC, a physician career coach, and I will help you find space to breathe, reflect, and set an intentional course towards your medical career goals.

Individual or group sessions
for any physician at any career stage

Medical career coaching is a powerful tool at any stage of your journey as a physician. Whether working alone or in a group, we can pinpoint your professional goals and define actions that will support them.

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Individual medical career coaching

Meeting between Resident and fellows

Resident and fellows group career coaching

Presenting in a medical setting

Early and mid-career physician career coaching

Meeting between people in medical setting

Experienced physician career coaching and legacy establishment

Unlock your potential and explore an aspirational future

From promotions to a happier home life, professional achievements to a healthier work-life integration. You already possess the raw skills to achieve your goals. As your career coach, I can help you harness them.

No matter your aspirations or medical career stage, we can examine your priorities, then set a deliberate course to achieving them.

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Man standing behind a women, both are smiling

Unleash your hidden Leadership Skills

As a physician, you’re called to be a leader in your clinical setting. But fostering leadership skills is often overlooked in medical school and ignored in the urgency of daily practice.

Every physician has the potential to become a dynamic leader. In individual or group coaching sessions, we pinpoint your untapped leadership strengths and nurture them.

Four purposeful steps
to an empowering career path

Four purposeful steps to an empowering career path

Work through the four R’s of forging a purposeful path.

A discussion at a medical office


Your awareness of your
existing career.

A women on a laptop in a medical setting


Allows you to examine your career from other viewpoints.

A doctor Smiling


Your career in a different context to eliminate unhelpful thoughts.

People discussing and having conversations


Your strengths and your past mistakes to learn lessons and set goals.

Portrait of Christine E Lee
Portrait of Christine E Lee

Christine E Lee MD


As an ophthalmologist and cataract and refractive surgeon with over 20 years of medical expertise, I’ve watched colleagues struggle with careers that are unfulfilling, uninspiring, and unrewarding.

I want to help you navigate a new course for your medical career that feels joyful and empowering. One that satisfies your goals for professional achievement yet celebrates the importance of family and relationships.

Above all, I want to help you carve a career path that honors your integrity, steadfast work ethic, and contribution to the profession.

Kind words from my clients

I’m honored to have helped these exceptional clients achieve a fruitful career path.

How We'll Work Together

Take The First Step To A Fulfilling Medical Career

Where will your career be 6 months from now? If you want it to look different, start by booking a time to talk.


Before we begin working together, we’ll book a 15-minute call to ensure we’re a good fit. After that, you can choose to schedule sessions weekly or biweekly, in person or via Zoom.


Each 45-minute session will work to unlock your motivation for career coaching. We’ll define your goals and align them with intentional actions.

Create Momentum

Each session will build upon the previous week’s discussions and the “homework” you do between appointments. Average coaching engagements are 6-9 months.

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