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A medical professional’s guide to

Unlocking your hidden leadership potential

Discover the 4 steps you need to refine your leadership skills and unleash your potential on the road to career advancement

Learn to adjust your focus to see the realities of your career path.

Gain a more profound understanding by considering new perspectives.

Reinvigorate your drive by reframing your life, career, and choices.

Thriving Medical Career In Four Life-Changing Steps

Through years of medical practice, philosophical study, and direct observation, Christine E Lee MD has developed a four-step solution to unlocking your leadership potential and rekindling your medical motivation.



Learn to view your career with both low and high magnification.


Discover the magnification which will serve your goals best.



Explore different perspectives as you evaluate your career.


Learn to see your practice from the perspective of the entire team.



Understand how reframing your career offers the chance to pivot to a better one.


Find fresh opportunities in the challenges you face.



Reflect on your career – both the highs and lows – to see it more clearly and accurately.


Discover the magnification which will serve your goals best.

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Redirect your career path from “stalled” to “stimulating”

As a medical professional, you’re intelligent, dedicated, and motivated. But when your career starts to lose focus, it can be hard to know how to recharge your drive.

In this ebook, Christine E Lee MD, CPE, PCC, will help you pinpoint your medical leadership superpowers. Then, you can use your unique skills to create the career of your dreams.

Medical professional career counseling from a physician and surgeon who understands the struggles of a medical career.

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Leadership Lies Within You

As a physician, you’re in a leadership position every day. But office dynamics and the tyranny of the mundane can cause you to lose sight of your leadership skills.

Rediscover your unique leadership qualities and learn to hone them with help from Christine E Lee MD in her insightful ebook.

As a medical leader, your path begins to emerge

When you identify your place as a medical leader, you’ll begin to understand the path that will take you there.

In her ebook, Christine E Lee MD shows you how to reflect on the career path you’ve taken and harness your own strengths to forge a brighter one.

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How Christine E Lee MD is helping your colleagues

Christine E Lee MD is proud to have helped these medical professionals discover their hidden leadership potential.

“A Medical Professional’s Guide To Unlocking Your Hidden Leadership Potential”.

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Unlocking Your Hidden Leadership Potential

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